UI Exploration: Making E-Wallet App based on GoPay

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial design, this design was created for learning purposes and for documentation for me as UI Designer when working to make an exploration portfolio.

Introduction 👋

Hello folks, my name is Alvian Teddy Cahya Putra, I currently work as UI Designer at Design Studio. As a UI Designer, I often make UI Design Exploration for each week and also post on social media and portfolio platforms such as Dribbble, Behance, and The Design Thinker.

To see all of my explorations you can jump into this universe hahaha, just click on that Dribbble profile, I do a lot of design style and layout there for each week.


What is Go Pay?

GoPay is an all-in-one digital wallet. From fast transactions for all Gojek services and hundreds of Business Partners to sending or receiving money easily.

For this moment I will share my design work process as a UI Designer making a design exploration, this case is quite “special” than other my design exploration, in this case, I will make a design for the e-wallet platform and take Go-Pay as the main case, try to make a design based from the app flow. I took 3 tasks from the Go-Pay

  • Login
  • Transaction History (Expense and Income)
  • Payment and Send


This design exploration will focus on me as UI Designer to make an Interface, I’m not covering a lot for the research phase and I'm not doing user testing to validate the design result.

Exploration Design Process

The first thing for me when doing UI Design Exploration is choosing the theme of the application as I mentioned earlier for this case I will make an e-wallet app based on Go-Pay, after that, I gather information and design references to make a mood board.

Mood Board 😍

In the mood-boarding phase, I usually open the inspiration app and collect some great designs that will be matched the exploration, for the content I usually took the real/live app at this point, I took some structure and menu for each app. This phase usually took a couple of hours for me, this phase really impacts the wireframing phase, the more data I get it will be easier for me to make the wireframe.

Design System ✅

I make the design system base on GoJek Design System, I define color, typography (type scale), shadow, and spacing from the Asphalt Aloha Design System, and also make some components with variants, which will be helping a lot in the design progress and keep the consistency for each object.

When making color style I got some problems after realized when I copy the color guide from the website and take the color using the eyedropper tool, the color HEX does not get the same value, so I took the HEX code from the website and make sure all colors have the same value.

Bellow the shadow, I define my own style guide, so it will not 100% same with the Go-Jek App, but i try as my best to make it looking same :).

Vuesax Icon

For the icon, I used Vuesax from Figma Comunity because I can’t find the icon resource used on GoJek.

In fact for the other exploration design portfolio, it’s really rare for me to make a design system, usually, I skip this process.

Wireframe ✏️

I gather the information from the mood board and take the feature and menu that will appear in the design.

When I make a wireframe, the main feature I do want to make is the home screen and transaction process, but when I make the hi-fi design I decide to add a new screen to the design is a log-in and success page.

Hi-Fi 👨🏻‍🎨

This is the best part of making an exploration, making the hi-fidelity make me as UI Designer in fire zone hahaha, I can explore and try many things to make a good looking UI, also still thinking for the UX.

This same flow as the current Go-Jek Application. When the user open the app splash screen will appear (at this moment I changing the logo to GoPay) also I’m thinking to change all Go-Jek icon into GoPay to make this app stand alone like Ovo or Dana, but I decide to use the same design with GoJek because I don’t want the user thinking this app need you to make a GoPay Account, so this design concept keeps the user using their current GoJek Account.

On the home screen, I keep GoJek Home Structure but change the top of the application, making the balance have a big portion, so the user will notice it more, also bellow the bunch of menus I add transaction history, this feature can track your expense and income for each month and week, also I make a graph to compare it so the user knows where their money is gone and the income. I get this flow from the Money Lover App, it’s a financial tracker app, you can write down all your transaction on that app, and the app will give you the report.

For the payment and send feature, I keep the same flow as the current GoJek App, the addition is, that I make a message note for the user. I also change a bit the review and success screen because I can’t find the illustration on the review page so keep the screen clean.

Prototyping 👨🏻‍💻

For the prototyping, I make 3 flows it’s a:

  • Login
  • Transaction History (Expense and Income)
  • Payment and Send

You can try the prototype with the Figma Embed, and each flow I make at Starting Point, so if you want to jump for a specific flow you can click on the left side.

Closing 🔥

I have learned a lot from this UI Exploration, it makes me practice how to make a design system and implement it into the design, also it’s made me meet prototyping tools again in Figma hahaha, I rarely do prototype actually at a design studio and as a freelance UI Designer, the client usually not asking me to make a prototype (also full design system).

Of course, this UI Exploration is far from perfect, needs testing to validate the design idea and result to know how the user interacts with the design, maybe in the future moment I can do that properly :).

So that’s all process when I do some UI Exploration it does not look like a fancy step or super movement hahaha, every stage is a conventional not really special, I really take a lot of energy at the Hi-Fi stage, and sometimes it makes me stuck in the form of my computer and thinking what the perfect color, icon and flow for this design, it’s happening in this UI Exploration and other UI Exploration I made before :) so I think it’s normal.

Thank you for reading until this part, also to get in touch with me we can get connected on my social media: 😍



Cheers 🍻



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